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Robin Myles-Lead Vocals & Guitars:

A multi-instrumentalist (Piano, Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Spoons...) arranger and songwriter, Robin is an accomplished, published composer writing for TV/Radio and Theatre.  In Rock music, he is a songwriter who loves everything Classic Rock & melodious.  His notable influences are ELO, The Beatles, Queen, Roy Orbison, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Foreigner, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder and many more...

A powerful vocalist and performer with decades of experience... a smooth approach.  Don’t be surprised if he can’t see you...Dark glasses and smoke...

Recently Robin has been working with Legendary Rock Producer Reinhold Mack (ELO, Queen + many others).

Robin’s favourite things are: comedy, dogs, walking, red wine and a G&T!

His dislikes: X-Factor, rude people and no rider...

Explosive Light Orchestra:

Jason Ball-Backing Vocals and Guitars:

A guitar wizard and accomplished musician and vocalist.  Jason has performed professionally all over the world for decades.  Touring with many bands as well as producing theatre shows.

Jason’s favourite things are: Humour, Bad Taste, Mushrooms and Whiskey.

His dislikes are: Think tanks, quango’s, People with Twattyvagitis and unresponsive crowds.

Sir Aidan Xavier Thorne-Duke of Abbingdon-Backing Vocals and Bass:

The duke of bass...yes ladies and gentleman he is the prince of Rock.  His unique styling and a background in sophisticated Jazz, makes Aidan the perfect choice for ExpLO.  His skills are impressive, just watch him play Last Train to London with ease...

Also a composer and arranger, Aidan has released albums with Slowly Rolling Camera and Duski.

A Major contributor to new music and a highly humorous individual!

Aidan’s Favourite things are: Riders, good food, Red Wine, France and a party!

Aidan dislikes: Commoners, service stations and serving suggestions...

Dave Purkiss-Drums and vocals:

The loudest drummer in the UK and he also holds the record for the most sticks seen in one concert...due to his speed and agility.

Dave is an experienced touring musician with decades of experience.  The machine room of the band...Dave is tight, musical and an expressive drummer- the right choice for the diversity of ELO.

Dave’s favourite things are: Sound Checks, Rack tom 1, beautiful architecture and Dr Who.

His dislikes are: Carrots, Sprouts, Old Buggers coming up during sound check and cabbages.

Sarah Fowler-Backing vocals & Keyboards:

Sarah is an accomplished musician, multi-instrumentalist and singer.  As well as being one of the busiest sort after music teachers on the planet, she is also a theatre director, arranger and performer!

This woman works 27 hours a day-and that is no joke!

Sarah has had decades of experience with touring bands, theatre companies and theatre tours-the hardest working woman in show business....phew!!

We think she must be related to the octopus, just listen to the layers of keyboards and strings she creates live!

Sarah’s favourite things are: Animals of any description, people and jugs

Sarah dislikes: Long journeys, stupid people and fruit bowls.

Xenia Porteous-Violin:

Xenia is a violinist, composer and performer.  She specialises in Gypsy jazz, Tango and Classical.  The perfect choice for an ELO tribute.  Xenia is accomplished enough to do justice to the ELO stylings of Mik Kaminski.

Xenia’s favourite things are: Strings, pickups, playing to large audiences, smiling.

Xenia’s dislikes are: Upper classes, Venezuelan beaver cheese and Cello’s

Mel Sadie-Cello:

Mel is an accomplished cellist and musician.  Performing hundreds of professional concerts throughout the UK.

She is also a talented linguist, who has helped ExpLO on numerous occasions abroad, where the extent of language from the rest of the band doesn’t get any more than the 3rd verse of “Hold on tight”.

Mel’s favourite things are: Parties, entertaining, high pitched sociality and fun!

Mel dislikes: Abrupt rude people, smoking, smoke machines and a badly risen sponge.

Abi Blackman-Cello:

One of the UK’s busiest cellists.  An accomplished cellist and musician with hundreds of concerts under her belt.  Abi has done everything from huge orchestral concert tours to playing for Royalty (not Sir Thorne).  A real workhorse and a valued member of the band.

Abi’s favourite things are: Cats, Tea and Scones, Cello and Blue sky diving!

Abi dislikes: High pitched noises, ferrets and pickups.

Jimmy Ottley- Cello:

Jimmy is a diverse cellist with a repertoire from Classical through to Jazz and electronic music.

Another powerful player that plays the way a cello should be played! In tune and like there’s no tomorrow!  He shreds bow like his cello is a 5 foot carrot!  A quiet man, but make no mistake he is a dude!

Jimmy’s favourite things are: Board Games, a good coffee, travel games and fun!

Jimmy dislikes: No table space, 5 foot carrots and CS

Technical Crew:

Josh Moon-Sound Wizard

Lee Cottey-Sound Genius

Dan Davies-Sparky